The next billion mobile gamers are untapped

The next billion mobile gamers are untapped

High-end mobiles cannot keep up with the needs of power gamers, while low- to mid-range mobiles are unsuitable for gaming

The next billion live on social media

They get news, content, updates as web links on social media

Social is the most popular way for internet engagement. Over 1 million new users join social media everyday – that’s 15.5 new users every second! And almost all of them access their accounts via mobile devices. They are digital natives, and receive and share content, be it memes, cat pictures, news or original content.

With, they can simply receive links to their favourite mobile games via any social app they already use.

No wait, no download – Instant play.

The next billion use digital payment channels, not credit cards

They use digital wallets, crypto currency, game top-ups

Digital payments have outstripped the use of credit and debit cards in many global markets. Payments via digital wallets, in-game currency and even crypto currency are the future.

With, they can use their local digital payment channels to make in-app purchases.

Faster, secure – Instant pay.

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nowCloudOS is a distributed cloud OS that virtualizes native mobile app interfaces, enabling OS and device-agnostic access to users anywhere, anytime. It makes it extremely easy for game developers to build cloud-ready games for the future while keeping their existing Android games backward compatible.

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